GlobalStar Travel Management

We have invested in a mutual partnership with GlobalStar, a worldwide global travel  management company group, providing ‘best in breed’ local expertise and solutions with over 85 market leading enterprises, representing over US$14 billion in sales.

All partners have been chosen for their similar approach to providing service excellence. We combine their local expertise, strength and commitment with our organisation to deliver cohesive, multinational solutions through innovative technology platforms for our clients.

With GlobalStar, you benefit from our partnership with agile and experienced travel management companies that can create solutions to fit individual needs, such as:

  • Global Locations – The ability to introduce a global travel program for your business operations outside of Australia.
  • Savings – Increased savings to you from local/global airfares and hotels otherwise not accessible in Australia.
  • Service consistency – Consistent service delivery and program management across all locations driven by you.
  • Local Knowledge – Each GlobalStar partner is independently owned, a leader in their respective local market, and have a vested interest in the success of each client account.